Finland: Employees tired out by ‘time thieves’

Finland: Employees tired out by ‘time thieves’

Finland: Employees tired out by ‘time thieves’Employees in Finland are suffering from so called time thieves, according to time management expert Marja Piri.

Business training company Pohto’s development manager Marja Piri says people must take time out to “regain their composure” as soon as they start feeling to pressured. She claims that workers should actually slow down when things get too hectic and take time to focus on their breathing.

Piri explained that time management is an important issue for each and every individual, and said that it is affected by things such as time thieves. She noted that common time thieves include repeated interruptions during working hours, pointing out that if you keep having to orient to new things at work, the brain can’t keep up at first as it processes the information more slowly. She said it is important to minimise such interruptions.

The time management expert said companies should look at how they ask their employees to operate rather than get stuck in routines that are stressful and harmful to employees. She noted that the best companies were prepared and have good supervisors capable of leading by example.

Piri went on to say that the most effective workers can think about the past and the future. She advised employees to take note of what they do with their time for a two-week period, saying that this way they would realise how much fragmentation there was during a working day. She pointed out that this way workers would learn that some of the tasks they did could be passed on to a colleague who was better placed to do it.

The average length of time a person can focus for is one and a half hours, so coffee and lunch breaks are vital. Piri added that it a task starts to become a hassle, a short break will ensure you are more improved when you return.