Sweden to recognise the state of Palestine

Sweden to recognise the state of Palestine

Sweden to recognise the state of PalestineSweden will officially recognise Palestine as a state, said Prime Minister Stefan Loftven, whose country becomes the first long-term member of the EU to do so.

In addressing parliament, he said that the conflict between Palestine and Israel can be solved only with a two-state solution. He added that they must negotiate “in accordance with international law”.

In September, Sweden voted out Fredrik Reinfeldt’s Alliance coalition after eight years in power, allowing Lofven’s Social Democrats to form a new government with other left-wing parties such as the Greens.

Lofven said that a two-state solution must have mutual recognition which could lead to a peaceful co-existence. He added, without saying when Sweden’s official recognition would start, that his country will recognise Palestine as a state.

Sweden will now join over 130 nations who recognise the state of Palestine. The majority of the 28 member states of the EU, however, have so far refused to recognise the state of Palestine while the ones that have – Slovakia, Poland and Hungary – did so prior to becoming EU members.

The Palestinians have been fighting for independence in the West Bank and its capital East Jerusalem for many years as well as in the Gaza Strip.

Analysts claim Sweden will face criticism from the US and Israel, who insist only negotiations could lead to an independent Palestine state.