Danes warned about visiting Muslim countries

Danes warned about visiting Muslim countriesThe Danish Foreign Ministry has cautioned its citizens about visiting 28 Muslim countries by issuing new travel recommendations.

As Denmark has stepped up its military offensive against Isis in the troubled northern Iraqi region, the Foreign Ministry changed travel advice to 28 Muslim nations.

The ministry’s citizen services department (Borgerservice) is not instructing Danes not to visit these countries, but it is warning travellers to exercise caution in them. The advice said to avoid being the only foreigner in a certain area, look out for risky situations and spend as much time as possible in areas where many Westerners are situated.

Ole Egberg Mikkelsen, a spokesman for Borgerservice, said the new recommendations have been made because of Denmark’s role in fighting Isis and due to general security risks in such countries.

He explained that this affects Muslim nations or nations with sizable Muslim populations. He noted that after seeing beheadings in some countries, they want to warn their citizens that there could be a terror risk or even a focus on Denmark if they opt to travel to certain countries.

Mikkelsen said it is not commonplace for Borgerservice to change its travel recommendations for such a large number of countries, but that it had happened in the past.