Iceland’s men live the longest

New data from the World Health Organization (WHO) has revealed that Iceland’s men have the longest life expectancy.

New research and studies have shown that the life expectancy all around the world is growing, with Iceland home to the oldest males and Japan to the oldest females.

The World Health Organization researchers said that the life expectancy of men in Iceland was 81.2 years, while among women in Japan it was 87 years. Other countries that have high life expectancy among males and females include Singapore, Switzerland, Italy and Austria.

WHO revealed that in the US, a boy born in 2012 is expected to live until he is 76 years old, while a girl born in the same year is expected to live until she is 81 years old. In the UK, a boy and a girl born in 2012 are expected to live until 79 and 83 respectively.

WHO also said that the main causes of premature death were ischemic heart disease, HIV/AIDS, stroke, preterm birth complications, diarrhoeal diseases and lower respiratory diseases.