Swedish Rolling Stones fans warned about fake tickets

Swedish Rolling Stones fans warned about fake tickets

Rolling Stones fans in Sweden have been warned to be cautious about buying tickets for the band’s upcoming Stockholm gig as there are many fake ones in circulation.

The UK legends are scheduled to perform at Stockholm’s Tele2 Arena on 1 July, with demand to see the rockers unsurprisingly proving particularly high. Tickets went on official sale on 28 March, with fans forking out anything from 650 kronor to 1,495 kroner for the chance to see their icons.

However, police have noticed that fraudsters have become involved in the matter and are trying to rip off fans. Officers have said hundreds of fake tickets are on sale and have advised people to be vigilant.

Sweden’s national fraud squad’s Anders Olofsson explained that the tickets are so well designed that fraudsters will even post them to you for you to expect before you pay, making them seem completely trustworthy; however, he added that it’s all a big trick.

Stones devotees have been advised to check for blurred wiring on the tickets, especially on the smaller text, as this could indicate the ticket is fake. He said that buying second-hand tickets is also a risk, noting that if the conditions and price seem reasonable then it can be easy to be tricked.

Tickets on buy-sell site Blocket are being sold for as much as 3,000 kroner – more than two times the amount of the original cost of the most expensive ticket for the concert.

Olafsson pointed out that these huge concerts are often the target of fraudsters, with fans prepared to part with more money to see their favourite musicians. He told fans they should be looking to buy their tickets from an established retailer such as Live Nation.