Icelandic exchange participants in US to discuss non-lethal uses of whales

A group of nine Icelandic museum and eco-tourism workers have travelled to the US to look at the economics, science and policy of the non-lethal uses of whales.

Earlier this month President Barack Obama’s government issued a memorandum to encourage the North Atlantic nation to come up with ways to take advantage of the economic opportunities available to it for the “non-lethal uses of whales” and bring an end to its commercial whaling.

The exchange team hope to return to their homeland with news ideas and strategies to educate Icelanders, work together with policymakers, grow their businesses and gain access to new markets. Later in the year, the US State Department is scheduled to host a virtual exchange event with Icelandic participants on conservation initiatives.

During their 10-day visit to Washington DC, Massachusetts and New Hampshire, the exchange participants will meet conservationists, eco-tourism companies and policy experts. Other activities include visiting marine research institutes and whaling museums, going on whale watching trips and meeting environmental non-governmental organisations.