Computer game sales soaring in Denmark

The popularity of computer games is on the rise in Denmark, particularly the trend of downloading them online, new figures have shown.

Multimedieforeningen has revealed that last year the gaming trade saw an increase of 83 per cent in comparison to 2011, with sales revenue of 1.43bn kroner generated. Analysts have said a large proportion of this growth is directly linked to the increase in digital sales.

Last year, some 66 per cent of the revenue was from digital sales – a figure that is higher than recorded in any other Scandinavian country. Multimedieforeningen chairman Morten Nielsen said Danes are favouring downloaded games over physical media more and more these days.

He explained that Danes have taken advantage of the opportunities the internet offers which has been particularly positive for the gaming industry – unlike what has happened in the music and film industry.

Despite the soar in digital sales, physical media has also performed well, with an annual drop of just 15 per cent since 2011. Nielsen noted that there is still a demand for the physical shops, particularly as consumers are able to seek advice from qualified staff and enjoy a more personal approach than experienced on the internet.