Travel company encourages Danes to have more intimate relations

A Danish travel company has launched a competition challenging Danes to have more sex in a bid to tackle the Scandinavian country’s low birth rate.

Spies Rejser launched the ‘Do it for Denmark’ advert, which promises Danes who can prove their child was conceived while on holiday, free baby supplies for three years and a child-friendly holiday.

The travel firm explained that it wants to tackle Denmark’s declining birth rate by encouraging citizens to reproduce for their country.

In February, a report was published that claimed the birth rate is Denmark was “dangerously low”. The study found that more than 20 per cent of couples did not have children, despite the fact that the majority of them said they planned to have between two and three kids.

The report explained that there are fewer females in the child-bearing age bracket, while many couples are also opting to wait until later in life before they have children. This has led to analysts claiming there may soon not be enough young people to support a growing elderly population.

Spies’ advert states that 10 per cent of all Danish children are conceived on holiday, while 46 per cent of couples have more sex when away from their hometown (neither of these statistics has been verified). A Danish sex therapist also said couples tend to have more sex while on holiday as there is an increase in their desire for each other.

The tongue-in-cheek advert also offers helpful tips for increasing fertility; for example, advising women to lie down for 15 minutes after sex to take advantage of gravity and telling men that even though they may think they look good, avoid wearing tight pants.

The competition website even lists cities considered romantic and asks entrants to state the date their last period started so the company can work out the dates they would be most fertile.

Spies managing director Jan Vendelbo explained that they wanted to come up with a way of making reproducing more fun by giving Danes the chance of discounts on city breaks and, hopefully, in turn, help population growth.

The terms and conditions state that entrants will receive a pregnancy tester kit on return from their holiday. If it says the woman is pregnant, the couple must send a photo of the tester to the travel company to prove their conception.