Injured otter gives fast-food diners a shock in Norway

An injured otter entered a fast-food restaurant in Norway and proceeded to give diners a shock by going on a rampage.

The marine animal made its way into Skippy’s Fast Food restaurant in the town of Ålesund before going absolutely crazy, wreaking havoc and terrifying customers. Owner Mohamed Rashed said he did not know what it was as he had never seen anything like it in his life, adding that he was scared it would attack the customers.

The otter was injured and covered in blood, with experts claiming it may have sustained its wounds from a boat propeller. It is believed the fact the animal was injured and ended up in an unfamiliar environment probably caused it to go berserk in the burger joint.

Animal welfare authorities were informed of the situation and sent an animal handler to the scene. But when the man attempted to catch the shaken animal in a dog carrier, his finger was promptly bitten. The officer explained that he was not wearing any gloves and when he tried to put the otter in the cage it started to bite into one of his fingers

He went on to say that despite it being quite painful he sustained no serious injuries, but said he got a tetanus shot immediately after just to be on the safe side.

The news was not so bright for the otter, who had to be out put down due to the extent of its injuries.