Lego gets challenged by an autistic boy from Iceland

Brynjar Karl has challenged construction toy manufacturer Lego to invite him over to their factory in Denmark. In a video made with the help of his mother he explains what it is like to grow up as an autistic child and how he is able to work around it with the help of his family and friends.

He also talks about his passion for building with Lego bricks, whether he chooses to follow Lego’s instructions or create his own designs. “I am learning every day how to behave like a normal kid” says Brynjar Karl and adds to it “Whatever ‘normal’ means”.

Brynjar Karl goes on to explain why he wants to visit the Lego factory and tells about his project of building a scale model of the Titanic, his favourite ship. The model would have to be 6 metres long in order to be on scale with Lego figures which are 4 cm tall.

When asked about his English knowledge his mother comments that he must have learned it through watching movies and the Internet and goes on to explain why they put this in a video format. “We did it this way in the hopes of reaching out to Legoland. We would like the video to make its way to the top so that Lego can make his dream come true”.

Watch the video below: