Swedish politician quits after being caught stealing whiskey

whiskey smallA Swedish Social Democrat has quit after being caught stealing a bottle of whiskey from a state-run liquor Systembolaget store.

Stockholm shadow deputy mayor Tomas Rudin was caught in possession of the unpaid for whiskey bottle by a female security guard on 1 February. The guard had spotted Rudin place the bottle in his jacket before taking two bottles of non-alcoholic wine to the check-out to pay for.

Although he paid for the wine, he left the Highland Park whiskey in his jacket. The security guard cornered him outside the store and alerted police of his actions. Upon questioning, Rudin said he was stressed and had forgotten he’s put the whiskey in his coat, adding that he was so embarrassed he could die.

Despite his claims of innocence, Rudin confessed to the crime and was subsequently released, with formal charges to be filed on Wednesday 12 February.

He later stood down from his shadow deputy mayor position, citing alcoholism. He explained that he was “ashamed” of his alcoholism and can’t live with everybody asking him questions about it, adding that it’s better he steps aside and takes care of it.

Rudin, who revealed that he plans to seek professional help, said he was able to stay clear of alcohol for 10 years, then later began drinking a little, believing he had found a happy medium. However, he added, that it is now apparent things have spiraled out of control.

He went on to say that his party colleagues have backed him, although he was unsure whether he has lost his political trust. He added that it was up to the party to decide where he goes from here.