Number of smokers in Denmark stops declining

cigaretteIn recent years Denmark has recorded a decline in the number of smokers, but that appears to have come to an end now, with recent data showing that the numbers may even be on the rise again.

A survey of 5,000 Danes, conducted by Gallup in December, revealed that 17 per cent of those questioned smoked regularly last year – the same number as in 2012. Although this is a fall of 25 per cent from 2005, if electronic cigarette smokers are taken into account, the number for 2013 may even be higher than that of 2012.

Health board Sundhedsstyrelsen consultant Jorgen Falk said that it would have been great to see a decline in the number of smokers, but claimed it was no big deal if that didn’t happen this time out.

However, he went on to admit that if they record similar results next year then it will be a major cause for concern, explaining that as there has been a steady fall for a long period; it would be “worrying” if that continued decline halts or reverses.

Despite the number of smokers seeming to no longer be on the decline, 55 per cent of those surveyed admitted that they would like to quit. Falk said that there is a steady rise in smokers who want to quit, and advised them to seek the help they need to do so.