Arctic Services grows collective to offer central hub for Arctic operations

Arctic Services grows collective to offer central hub for Arctic operationsArctic Services, a joint initiative of diverse companies and institutions in Iceland, has continued to grow its collective since it was first introduced 10 months ago with 55 companies now onboard, reported RÚV earlier this week. 

The joint initiative was introduced in March 2013 after 30 companies in the north of Iceland came together with the aim to gain a foothold in the oil and mining operations in Greenland, and the oil exploration in the seas to the north of Iceland.

The collective, which has since grown to 55 companies, was founded as a common platform for Icelandic industrial and technical service providers, research facilities, engineering companies, aviation services and public utilities.

The main objective of Arctic Services is to promote Akureyri, the capital of North Iceland, as a central hub for Arctic operations. The region´s high-level industrial infrastructure, university hospital, international airport, coupled with leisure and hotel possibilities is already raising interest amongst those involved in exploration, oil search and mining in the Arctic region.

Akureyri is the most densely populated area in Iceland outside of the Greater Reykjavik Area. The region’s geographic location is central to Arctic operations, offering a vibrant local economy, a modern, international airport, excellent harbour facilities and extensive possibilities for expansion in a fast changing global environment.

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