Danish party says no more Muslims welcome

800px-Nusrat-Jehan-Moschee_KopenhagenThe far-right Danish People’s Party (DPP) has said Muslims are not welcome in the country.

The DPP revealed it will vote against a new law that would grant Danish citizenship to hundreds of Muslims. The party’s Christian Langballe said they are of the opinion there are too many Muslims who immigrate to Denmark and are granted citizenship.

Denmark’s bi-annual citizenship law states that around 1,600 people were expected to receive Danish citizenship last week. Of that number, 422 were Afghanis and Iraqis, who DPP members strongly rejected. Despite all of the 422 applicants having gone through the full citizenship procedure, members of the DPP claim they should not be allowed to become Danish citizens.

If the new law is scrapped, the DPP party will be able to push to bring an end to immigration from all non-western and Islamic countries.

It is not the first time the DPP has caused controversy with it’s anti-Muslim policies. Earlier this year the party was sued after publishing an anti-immigration advertisement branding 700 people who had recently been granted citizenships as terrorists.

The party has also said previously that hijabs should be banned in public places, Muslims schoolgirls should have separate locker rooms and daycare centres should not be allowed to serve halal meat.

Danish law states that parliament can grant citizenship two times a year.