Burger King gets ready for Finland re-entry

burger kingInternational fast-food chain Burger King is gearing up for its re-entry into the Finnish market. As part of a campaign to get Finns munching on Double Whoppers again, its local franchisee announced earlier this week that it would be taking on a total of 250 staff.

Burger King and Finnish hospitality company Restel signed a contract last May that will see the latter establish a series of fast-food restaurants in the country’s major cities. Restel’s restaurant division director Leena Turunen stated in the company’s magazine that 80 of the new employees had already been hired.

She continued by saying the first Burger King is scheduled to open for business on Mannerheimintie, Helsinki’s main thoroughfare, on 13 December. The two-level eatery has seating for about 120 and will feature lots of timber in keeping with traditional Finnish décor.

Ms Turunen finished off her statement by saying that the second Burger King near the capital’s main rail station would follow two months later and other cities would then follow suit.  Restel is one of the best known hospitality names in the country and operates a collection of hotels, spas and restaurants.

Burger King pulled out of Finland in the 1980s. When the first of the new franchise outlets opens, Restel hopes the capital’s residents will sample the flame-grilled burgers as well as the abundant other items that have been added to Burger King’s menu since the last time the Miami based company was here.