Denmark most popular holiday destination for Swedes

passportDenmark has been revealed as the most popular holiday destination for Swedes, ahead of traditional favourites like London and Thailand, revealed a new survey by travel consulting company Resurs.

The survey, which noted that travelling to Denmark has become even easier since the Oresund Brigde linking the Scandinavian neighbours opened in 2000, found that a trip to picturesque Copenhagen was a favourite trip among travelling Swedes.

Furthermore, many Swedish citizens cross the bridge on a daily basis to take advantage of the fact there is no Systembolaget in Denmark. The Systembolaget, which translates to the System Company, is a state-owned chain of stores that is the only retail store permitted to sell alcoholic beverages containing more than 3.5 per cent alcohol in volume.

The survey showed that Swedes made in the region of 150,000 trips to foreign shores this summer, a rise of 2.4 per cent on last year. In addition to Copenhagen, other popular destinations included Aland’s Swedish speaking Mariehamn territory and London.

Overall, the Nordic nations topped the most-visited places when taking number of destinations per country into account, with only Spain featuring nearer the upper reaches of the list. Turkey also ranked fairly highly, with both Side and Alanya popular among Swedish travellers.

Resurs has been conducting surveys on where Swedes choose to travel to since 1989. The company interviews 2,000 citizens each month on their travels.