Only 300 guests allowed at Swedish swingers party

Sweden flagWith huge interest in what will be Sweden’s biggest ever swingers party, organisers have capped the ticket numbers at 300 for the Norrköping orgy.

News of the party broke in September and there has since been massive demand for tickets, forcing organisers to limit the number of people permitted to attend the event, which will be held at the Arbis Theatre, to 300. Meanwhile, they have already bought 1000 condoms in preparation.

As interest was higher than expected, the management of swingers club Adam and Eva, which has around 2,500 members across Sweden, has had to inform half of the initial 600 people who wanted to be on the guest list that there is no space for them. They said the licensing authority has a 300-person capacity in the room.

However, despite some local residents claiming that the party is inappropriate, the party is set to go ahead. The swingers concept is loosely defined as ‘wife (or husband) swapping’ for the evening, with strangers.

The Adam and Eva club manager, who wanted to remain anonymous, revealed he has purchased 1000 condoms, adding that they strongly recommend partygoers use them.

He went on to say that he has already received a letter threatening to reveal his name which he has since reported to the police. Security guards have been hired in case of any over-the-top protests. In defence of the event, he said it will be beneficial to the local economy as around 150 hotel rooms will be booked.