Norway massacre survivor to be expelled from country

Norway climate paper finally publishedA survivor of the Norwegian massacre near Oslo in 2011 is to be deported after confessing to lying to enter the country in 2002. Earlier in 2013, Khaled Ahmed Taleb admitted that he told authorities he was escaping the Somali civil war in order to be allowed to enter Norway in 2002 when in actual fact he had come from Djibouti.

While in the Scandinavian country, Taleb embarked on a successful political career in which he represented the Hamar municipality and Hedmark county council’s labor party under the name Khalid Haji Ahmed.

Taleb’s brother was killed in the 2011 massacre on Utoya island, where right-wing extremist Anders Breivik carried out a mass killing after detonating a bomb in Oslo.

After revealing to authorities that he had deceived them, he stepped down from his political roles and was sentenced to four months in prison.

Hamar Mayor Morten Aspeli said Taleb has successfully motivated young people during his time in the political offices. He added that the decision to deport him was made by immigration authorities under Norwegian law, so he has to accept it.

Immigration officials have yet to make a decision on whether to deport Taleb’s parents and two brothers, who he brought to Norway following his arrival.