Danish football fans romp on centre circle of Brondby pitch

football1Two Danish football fans were left red-faced when security officers caught them having sex in the centre circle of Brondby’s pitch in Copenhagen. Following a drab 0-0 draw against Randers FC in the Danish Superliga, the randy couple decided to add a bit of excitement to their day by waiting for the crowd to clear and heading for the centre circle.

But with the floodlights still beaming down on the pitch, security guards noticed them making out and ordered them to put their clothes on and leave the stadium.

However, one onlooker was able to take a picture of the daring couple before they were spotted and ordered to stop canoodling, ensuring that their moment of passion will not be forgotten in a hurry. The photo has since gone viral and is being talked about much further afield than the Brondby district of Copenhagen.

Brondby spokesman Mikkel Davidsen announced on Twitter later that day that he was unsure who posted the picture. He said that it was a great match but that he was disappointed with a scoreless draw after so many missed chances. He added, however, that the couple’s antics on the pitch help the mood.