Mackerel and herring catch creates 170 jobs in Iceland

Salmon_Fishing62An Icelandic fishing company claims the large mackerel and herring catches this summer is creating as many as 170 summer jobs. HB Grandi has started its fish production at its Vopnafjörður factory after its Faxi RE trawler landed the season’s first catch.

Factory manager Magnús Róbertsson said that production started “gradually”, explaining that everything was ready for the start of the season, but they are aware it takes time to fine-tune equipment and get full production.

The country’s mackerel fishing has sparked outrage in Norway and many other EU countries because of the large levels of their catch, but due to the extra economic activity generated by fishing, the Icelandic government has refused to back down on back down on what it catches.

Magnús revealed that 160 to 170 additional jobs have been created this summer. He said that he had 80 permanent employees and the remainder are part-time workers and students who had temporary jobs. He explained that many locals who have left the town or have local links look for temporary work during the summer months.

HB Grandi has three fishing vessels used for fishing herring and mackerel. Two of the three, Óttó N. Þorláksson RE and Ásbjörn RE, have already landed their mackerel quotas for 2013. The third, Sturlaugur H. Böðvarsson AK, is expected to take its mackerel allowance in its next two trips.