EFTA: Iceland must improve quality of water

water littleIceland has been told it must improve the quality of water its food industry uses, revealed the European Free Trade Association (EFTA). EFTA carried out a review of European Economic Area (EEA) countries’ compliance and found that Iceland’s drinking water is satisfactory but needs to be improved.

It stated that some food business operators in the country do not regularly monitor the water quality in accordance with the regulations.

The authority revealed there have been improvements since the last time it carried out a compliance check, in 2007, but said it is concerned that the Icelandic competent authorities do not coordinate and cooperate as much as they should do.

In listing the areas Iceland needs to improve in, EFTA noted that: official laboratories must report the relevant parameters in accordance with the requirements; the country must implement all water policy requirements; and food business operators must be registered and approved.

Furthermore, Iceland has to adhere to the EEA legislation requirements concerning potable water into the country’s internal legal order; ensure the authority and the public have access to the relevant information regarding potable water; and fulfill the potable water requirements in all food-producing businesses.

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