Swede’s faith in Euro hits rock bottom

eurosTroubles in Europe with the single currency have left a crisis of confidence as other European nations lose faith in ever adopting it as a currency. In Sweden a recent survey revealed just 9 per cent would welcome the euro in place of the krona.

In the same report, published by the University of Gothenburg, only 42 per cent now support EU membership, compared to 53 per cent two years ago.

Even without joining the single currency, Sweden has felt the fallout of the economic crisis resulting from mismanagement of the Euro among participating countries. Confidence in the currency has plummeted.

“The Euro has, whether or not this is true, been blamed for the problems in the European economy. And indirectly that has hit the Swedish economy,” Sören Holmberg, a political science professor at the University of Gothenburg, said in a recent radio interview.

“The Swedes are opportunistic as many other countries’ people are and right now the EU gets a big part of the blame for the economic crisis which is also affecting the public opinion in Sweden,” Holmberg said.

Euroskepticism has certainly risen, if the report is an accurate bell weather on public opinion, and though the country has been spared the worst of the Euro crisis, Swedes remain distrustful of the European Parliament meddling in local affairs, such as alcohol restrictions.

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