One in 10 Finnish men now unemployed

finland-coat-of-armsThe increasing rate of unemployment in Finland has been especially hard on the country’s men, one in 10 of who are out of work. Finland’s unemployment rate has now reached the nine per cent mark, but the rate among men is closer to 10 per cent.

Finland recently conducted a labour force survey which indicates about 41,000 public and private sector jobs have disappeared from the country since 2012, adding 9,000 more people to the list of 236,000 Finnish citizens now searching for jobs.

These job cuts have affected men much harder than women. The unemployment rate among Finnish women now stands at just over eight per cent, compared to nearly 10 per cent among Finnish men. The amount of employed Finnish men has decreased by 35,000 people within the past year, compared to 5,000 fewer employed Finnish women during the same time period.

Younger Finnish job seekers were affected most severely. Almost 25 per cent of Finnish citizens between 15 and 24 years of age are currently looking for work.

The survey also indicates Finnish men will have a harder time finding work than their female counterparts this spring, and nearly 10,000 Finnish citizens now find themselves in the long-term unemployed category. Finland’s Ministry of Employment and the Economy released these figures on 23 April.

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