Helsinki begins taking ‘anonymous’ job applications

finnishflagsThe local Helsinki government is accepting job applications from unnamed applicants. Launched this week, the trail scheme allows job seekers to apply for a number of positions without revealing their name, marital status, age and other personal information. Officials from the city say the effort is being done to allow the employer to direct attention to the applicant’s experience and skills instead of personal details, such as ethinic origin, gender or age.

Hannu Tulensalo, human resources director for the City of Helsinki, told the YLE news agency, “We want to find out whether this procedure will give different results than our traditional recruitment practices do. Our starting point is to hire the most versatile and skilled personnel, and people with varying backgrounds.”

Under the new system, applicants will supply all of their information as normal, but their details will then be removed before the employer review. They will be kept secret until a candidate is selected for an interview.

The trail is currently underway for those applying for the city’s youth department project chief position. Should it prove successful, it will be implemented for recruitment for additional roles in the future, officials said.

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