Norwegian man killed in Danish drug raid

cannabisA suspect drug smuggler was been killed by Danish police in a shootout at a raid on Sunday 6 January. The incident took place at the small harbour of Aalbaekin in the peninsular part of the country known as Jutland, where police sought to intercept a shipment of cannabis arriving from the north by boat.

All three men on the boat tried to flee the scene and fired several shots at police, according to a Copenhagen Post report, Police immediately returned fire.

The oldest assailant – aged 49 – was shot in the head and died, whilst a 36-year-old was hit in the chest but is said to be in stable condition. The third man, 27, was taken into custody. According to North Denmark Region police spokeswoman Kirsten Dyrman, all three of the suspects are Norwegian citizens.

Investigators recovered around 250kg of marijuana on the vessel, according to the Associated Press. One officer from the Danish domestic intelligence agency (PET) was shot in the groin and taken to hospital.

Authorities said an internal inquiry will also be launched to determine if the police were justified in opening fire during the incident.

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