EFTA officials: salmonella under control in Iceland

EFTA_logoRecent inspections have revealed that Iceland is on par with EEA regulations in controlling salmonella in pork and poultry products. The news comes via a report issued via the EFTA Surveillance Authority, which said that the country’s precautionary measures to prevent the food-born illness were in compliance with EEA regulations, and even go beyond requirements in some scenarios.

However, officials noted a few potential problems in the document, notably insufficient cooperation between the Local Municipal Environmental Health and Protection Offices (LCAs) and the Icelandic Food and Veterinary Authority (MAST). Surveillance Authority officials also said that the LCAs had failed to take immediate action in one case, in which a hospital kitchen was found to be in breach of EEA regulations.

Bosses from MAST have since said that the EFTA agency’s recommendations have been observed and that a full action plan with deadlines has been initiated to address the stated concerns.

Inspections were carried out in September, according to the EFTA Surveillance Authority report.