Immigration prompts increased home prices Oslo

Home prices in several districts in the Norwegian capital continue to rise due to an increased flow of immigrants into the area. The price of flats in Alna, Grorud, Bjerke, Stovner and Søndre Nordstrand – which the Dagens Næringsliv news agency refers to as the city’s “most prominent imminent districts” – have risen significantly since 2011, according to new figures from Statistics Norway.

The agency’s most recent housing report showed year-on-year increases of 9 to 11 percent in each of the five districts for an apartment measuring roughly 70 square metres. Similarly, the district of Drammen, which also has a large immigrant population, has seen an average price increase of 12 percent for flats in the past year.

Meanwhile, recent studies have shown that the many residents of ‘ethnic Norwegian’ decent continue take part in ‘white flight’ for Oslo’s up-and-coming immigrant neighbourhoods. However, surveys have also shown that the majority of Norwegians remain positive about the flow of immigrants to the Nordic country.

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