Drunk Norwegian falls asleep in car, wakes up in Sweden

A Norwegian man who took a nap in his car after a night of heavy drinking woke up in Sweden last week after his vehicle was stolen. The 50-year-old Oslo resident reportedly went to sleep in his vehicle on 25 September after a night at his local pub. Very early next morning, however, he woke up, without his car, on a street near a rail station in Gothenburg.

Two female car thieves stole the man’s vehicle in Oslo and drove it across the border to Sweden, according to a report by the Göteborgs-Posten news agency. It is not clear whether or not the women knew about the drunken passenger when they embarked on their endeavour.

The man told the media that, upon awakening, he reported his vehicle stolen with Gothenburg police, who then provided him with a place to sleep off his hangover.

Later in the day, when an officer drove the man to the train station so that he could travel back to Oslo by rail, they found his car abandoned by the side of the road.

Several hours later, police arrested two women suspected of stealing the vehicle. According to reports, the car also contained numerous stolen goods.

The victim later told Göteborgs-Posten reporters that he was “bloody lucky” to be safe, and happy that he was able to drive his car home following the incident.