Swedish magazine publishes topless pictures of Kate Middleton

A Sweden-based magazine has opted to publish controversial topless photos of The Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton. Officials from the celebrity gossip publication Se och Hör said that the Duchess is not being treated any differently than other celebrities and that the photos had been purchased before major controversy arose around the issue.

Sweden is not the only country in the region where the images have been released; they have also been run in Italian, French and Irish publications, whilst a Danish magazine has said it is also planning to print the snaps. However, the photos have since been banned from being published again in France.

In the Swedish magazine, 11 different photos of Prince William’s wife can be seen on a three-page spread. The images of were taken in early September when the couple was holidaying in a private villa in southern France.

Carina Löfkvist, editor-in-chief of Se och Hör, said to the media,  “This is nothing unusual, these are quite nice pictures if you compare them with other celebrity pictures that we publish all the time,” the BBC reports.

St James Palace has since declined to provide details on speculation of legal action: “As we’ve said, we will not be commenting on potential legal action concerning the alleged intended publication of the photos save to say that all proportionate responses will be kept under review,” an official statement read.