Oslo police evacuate residents amid US embassy practice bomb

Last week saw Oslo police begin evacuations following the discovery of a ‘practice bomb’ at the nearby US Embassy.

Local authorities cordoned off the area surrounding the US diplomatic mission and evacuated the Royal Palace and local residents. However, when officials learned that the bomb was being used for ‘practice’ purposes, all affected residents were told that they could return and that there was no danger.

The event came just over a year after the detonation of a bomb in Oslo’s Regjeringskvartale Square amid the country’s worst day of violence since WII.

According to police chief Johan Fredriksen, the practice bomb was found underneath a vehicle. He said, “We’re talking about a device that is made with non-hazardous components, but that is supposed to look like a real bomb,” the NRK news agency reports.

Oslo police said in an official statement, “The car has been used for internal practice purposes at the embassy and the find can be linked to this. Oslo police regret the consequences of this but had to act as if the situation was real,” Bloomberg reports.

A US embassy spokesman said that the organisation doesn’t comment in regards to security matters.

Meanwhile, city officials say they expect to receive compensation for the mishap, particularly if “carelessness” was the reason for the panic.