Denmark dual citizenship ban overturn ‘likely’

Reports said this week that Denmark is likely to soon overturn its ban on dual citizenship.

The majority of the country’s lawmakers said this week that they are prepared to vote in favour of overturning the measure, as the Justice Ministry prepares to introduce an amendment later in the year, the Copenhagen Post reports.

The issue has come up in Parliament in the past, but previously unwilling parties are beginning to change sides, according to reports.

Conservative figurehead Lars Barfoed said to reporters from the Berlingske newspaper, “More countries are accepting dual citizenship, and I won’t rule out that we [could] accept it in some form”.

Meanwhile, Margrethe Vestagaer, head of the Radikale party, one of the strongest proponents of lifting the ban, said that changing the measure would be “a gift”, adding that it would enable foreigners residing in Denmark to keep citizenship in their home country whilst providing, “full access to the country they will contribute to and where their children would grow up”.

A small majority of Danish citizens are already allowed to hold dual nationalities in certain scenarios. This is, however, a rarity in Europe, as only seven other countries currently allow any sort of dual citizenship.

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