Norway jails extremist blogger for two weeks

Norwegian authorities have opted to keep a blogger in custody after he posted anti-feminist and alleged threats online.

Eivind Berge, 34, maintains he has done nothing illegal by posting strong comments on his website against feminism and what police say encourages violence against their officers.

Prosecutors had requested that Berge remain behind bars for four weeks with no visitations or mail, although the request was denied on Friday. Instead, he was jailed for two weeks and has retained his rights to visits and mail.

Berge, who believes that society as a whole is feminist and denies men their right to sex, has downplayed allegations he has purposefully asked citizens to kill police officers in protest. However, he has admitted to publishing the material and said that he does think that killing a police officer is an effective way to show society that males are not treated correctly.

Upon arrest at his mother’s home in Bergen, police recovered a number of cartridges in his possession. However, he claims that they were unrelated to his current blogging or politics.

Berge reportedly said in an event at the University of Bergen last year that gender equality politics make it so that many men are unable to attract women. He said that they are, “Ticking bombs that are in danger of turning into violent male activists”, the Norway Post reports.