Geothermal energy conference to take place in Reykjavík Iceland

The Iceland Geothermal energy conference, IGC 2013, is set to take place at the Harpa Conference Centre in Reykjavík between 5th – 8th March next year. The event, hosted by the Iceland Geothermal initiative, will be focusing on the geothermal value chain.

The Iceland Geothermal Conference is uniquely situated in a region rich in geothermal energy, and due to this, field trips will be offered as part of the program to selected geothermal areas close to Reykjavík in order for attendees to experience Iceland’s geothermal energy first hand.

In addition, on day 3, a geothermal brokerage event will be organised, which gives participants the opportunity to meet and exchange information between possible technological/business partners. Furthermore, a brand awareness exhibition will be running during the conference days.

The overall theme of the Iceland Geothermal Conference is to share effective exploration methods, learn how to maximise the utilisation of geothermal energy from veterans, and explore ways to realise geothermal projects with less risk and higher profitability.

Topics set to be discussed at the geothermal energy conference will include: identifying the possibilities of geothermal; resource management; finance, risk and insurance management in geothermal projects; role of governments and international funds; rules and regulations, case histories and sustainable resource management and environmental issues related to geothermal energy.

IGC 2013 will be the place to meet for utilities, investors, vendors, regulators, and government bodies to take an in depth look at the major steps in geothermal projects.

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