Teenager arrested for Copenhagen park attack

A teenager has been arrested after four people were attacked in a Copenhagen Park known for drug dealing and gang crime. A 16-year-old boy appeared at the city’s Magistrates’ Court this week after three men and a woman were jumped by a group of around 10 people in Nørrebro’s Folkets Park.

The attack, which occurred in broad daylight on Saturday, May 5, saw one of the victims stabbed three times and suffer a collapsed lung. Police say their search is being hampered as neighbours could not identify the perpetrators and the victims are still too shaken to be questioned thoroughly.


The area around the park is notorious for violence, with the best-known example being the murder of an Italian tourist in 2003. Just this year alone, shots are thought to have been fired from inside the park at a car on Stengade, while three Polish nationals were also threatened with knives and guns on Kapelvej.

“This cannot continue,” Lau Thygesen of the Copenhagen Police told bt.dk. “There cannot be areas of Copenhagen that are unsafe for people to enter.”

The teenager, who is apparently known to police, is being held in a secure location while the search for the other attackers continues. He cannot be named or jailed due to his young age.


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