Web-based Japanese language learning software developed by Cooori

Cooori has developed a web-based language learning software that utilises artificial intelligence to helps its users learn Japanese faster and more efficiently.

The artificial intelligence engines within Cooori start building a model of the user’s studies and how they are progressing. The system then develops a complete picture of what the user has already learnt, and how well each piece of knowledge should be embedded in their brain.

With the user’s profile, the system then feeds the user with the appropriate reminders and example sentences to help move each piece of information from short-term memory and into long-term memory. This is followed up by more advanced language learning techniques and tasks that will further develop the users language abilities.

“This guided build-up of knowledge cannot be replicated by any old fashioned method; it is totally unique to the Cooori system,” explained Dr. Arnar Jensson, founder of Cooori. “I felt that old-fashioned methods of rote learning could be significantly improved with the addition of cognitive science, neurology, and advanced artificial intelligence programming.”

The Cooori system has already replaced older methods employed in the Japanese modules at the University of Iceland. Early results indicate a fantastic improvement in retention and Japanese vocabulary build-up. In addition, students have complimented the convenience factor of Cooori as it is also available on smart phones, tablets, as well as computers.