Valitor expands its international acquiring service with new partnership

Valitor, a leader in cross-border acquiring services and international merchant and card solutions, recently signed a contract with the British electronic payments provider White Eagle Plc, for the release of prepaid credit cards on the British market.

The partnership with White Eagle Plc will allow Valitor to issue cards to both individuals and businesses in Britain. Valitor intends to expand and diversify its UK service in order to, amongst other things, issue cards to individuals within Britain.

In addition to the recent development in Valitor’s UK efforts, the company’s processing platform that it developed for the Icelandic market has also seen a lot of interest from the British market. Valitor marketed the software in the UK last year in partnership with British organisations and Visa Europe with a great response.

“With the successful export of our processing platform it was obvious to continue our efforts in the UK. The British market is very interesting for Valitor and we see this agreement with White Eagle Plc as a step toward further activities in Europe,” commented Viðar Þorkelsson, CEO of Valitor.

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