Danes ‘world’s happiest people’

A recent report has revealed that the Danes are the happiest people in the world. The accolade comes courtesy of the first annual UN World Happiness Report, which put several Scandinavian countries at the top of the list, with Finland in second place and Norway in third.

Sweden earned the seventh-place position, whilst the United States took 11th and the United Kingdom narrowly made the top 20 at number 18.

Meanwhile, several African nations filled out the bottom, with Benin and Togo taking the lowest two spots. Europe did well overall in the list, although some countries dropped to the lower rankings; Bulgaria placed at number 146 for example, just five positions from the bottom.

Denmark has been crowned the world’s happiest country before, but this is the first time such recognition has come from the United Nations. Officials said that the results were derived from interviews with about 1,000 people aged 15 or older from each country.

In addition to world rankings, each country was given a happiness score between one and ten, with ten being completely happy. Denmark scored just below eight, whilst Togo scored just over three.

Researchers from the World Happiness Report said that high levels of trust are correlated with places in which happiness is distributed evenly across income brackets.

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