Danish doctor claims vitamins cause death

A Danish doctor has suggested that certain vitamin pills should require a prescription after his survey revealed an increased mortality rate with the intake of Vitamin A, Vitamin E and beta carotene pills.

“These products should be put under the medicinal products law. If you are ill or have a particular need for them, you have to go to the doctor for a prescription. They should be removed from supermarket shelves,” Chief Physician Christian Gluud of Rigshospitalet said in a report by Politiken.

The Veterinary and Food Administration sets the maximum levels for such supplements but, according to Gluud, most tests are carried out with much smaller does than those allowed.

“With an increased mortality of an average of four per cent by taking these products, I cannot understand why those responsible allow such high maximum levels,” Gluud said.

The Administration says they will look into the results to the survey.

“We have asked our experts at the Danish Technical University to look into the survey. They will determine its validity and, on the basis of their findings, we will see how we react,” Administration Nutrition Expert Søren Langkilde told Politiken.

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