Neighbours ask police for less love, more peace

Residents complained to the police because they were tired of the noise coming from a flat in their block in Reykjavík one recent weekend night.

Icelandic police made their way to the scene expecting to find a rowdy and busy house party in progress, Ví reported. However, according to police records, that did not turn out to be the case: the only occupants of the apartment were a man and a woman. More specifically, newlyweds and the noise was not down to any trouble going on.

The racket was nothing more than an expression of love – and although the police refused to comment on specific details, officers did confirm that they decided not to press any charges. Although breaching the peace late at night is considered a crime, police decided not even to serve an official warning in this particular case. No further complaints were received following officers’ departure from the scene but it is likely the newly married couple will not soon forget their wedding weekend.

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