Sentence handed down in Iceland baby death case

The woman accused of killing her newborn baby and disposing of the body in a Reykjavík hotel rubbish skip has this week been found guilty and sentenced to two years in prison.

Agné Krataviciuté was sentenced to two years for having killed her baby and disposing of the body outside the hotel where she worked on 2nd July last summer. She will also be made to pay the legal costs and ISK 600,000 (EUR 3,546) to the child’s father (her former boyfriend) in compensation, RÚV reported.

The child’s body was found in a waste skip outside Hótel Frón in the Icelandic capital during a police investigation which began when staff at the Landspítali hospital alerted officers of a woman admitted
with severe bleeding and abdominal pain, who they believed had given birth.

Agné consistently claimed that she had not been pregnant and strongly denied killing the baby.

Psychiatric testing concluded that she was fit for trial and calls from her defence to halt the trial failed. The prosecutor in the case called for the maximum 16-year sentence, while her defence called for her to be acquitted on compassionate grounds. She apparently suffered from temporary memory loss and mental instability following the surprise birth. The judge settled on a two year sentence, with the assurance that she will receive the rehabilitation help she needs in gaol.

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