Turned down tens-of-millions for the penises

“He wanted to know whether there was interest in selling the collection and offered over ISK 30 million for it. But selling is out of the question, because the museum has to be in Iceland.” So says Hjörtur Sigurðsson, head of the Icelandic phalleological museum.

A wealthy German recently offered to buy Hið Íslenzka Reðasafn (as it is known in Icelandic) and it is apparently not the first time offers have been made for the unique collection of penises.

“At one point an attempt was made to bring the collection to the UK and some Icelanders also offered ISK 20 million for it right before we moved south,” says Hjörtur. The museum started out in Reykjavík, moved to the north-eastern town of Húsavík for some years, and has been back down south in Reykjavík since the end of last year – on Laugavegur, near the Hlemmur bus station.

The Phalleological Museum was also recently invited to take part in Supertalent, the German version of the international Got Talent television franchise.

“A producer called me and wanted us to go to Germany for recording this spring. They also wanted to get the German Peter Kristiansen, who has talked of donating his penis to the collection in the fullness of time, to go on as well. I declined, because I suspected it would be some sort of filler slot. How can collecting penises possibly be classified as ‘talent’?” Hjörtur asks.

(ed. The headline to this article is a direct translation of the headline on Vísir.is. Like this one , Icelandic headlines are usually extremely direct and sound awkward in English; but this one was just too perfect to change.)

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