Mystery of Icelander’s accidental Facebook hacking

It is still not clear what sort of tech glitch led to an Icelandic man’s smart phone logging him in to the Facebook page of another Icelander, who he does not even know.

There is some evidence to suggest the man’s mobile browser malfunctioned. The information officer at Síminn Iceland Telecom, the man’s service provider, told DV that his engineers cannot do anything about an error if it occurs in the web browser and not in the company’s own communications network system.

There is at least one other example of a mobile internet user unexpectedly gaining access to a stranger’s Facebook account. That case, in the USA, was revealed to be caused by a fault in the user’s mobile network, AT&T – and that company took responsibility. The Icelandic case, however, is not exactly the same and Síminn is not accepting any responsibility for the accidental breach of privacy at the present moment.

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