Custody granted in Reykjavík watch raider case

The Supreme Court of Iceland has granted a police custody request for the Polish man who was recently extradited to the country from Switzerland following last October’s raid on a Reykjavík Rolex shop. The man has confessed.

One man has already been sentenced to five years behind bars for his part in the raid.  His three accomplices all escaped from Iceland right after they held up the Michelsen jewellers and took watches worth over ISK 50 million (EUR around 300,000). Two of the thieves were later arrested in Switzerland after Icelandic police sent out a search request on the Schengen information system. The fourth is still in Poland and police hope to get hold of him soon; but there is no extradition treaty between Poland and Iceland.

Interestingly the ruling notes that the man agreed to his extradition to Iceland. The extradition took place on 13th March and he was put straight into police custody upon arrival, in the interests of the ongoing investigation.

Attempts are still being made to have the other man arrested in Switzerland sent to Iceland; but he is being held there as part of a Swiss criminal investigation meaning he will not be extradited for around a month.

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