Old Cocoa Puffs illegal in Iceland

The new Cocoa Puffs recipe in Iceland has been a hot topic lately, with some more pleased with the flavour than others.

Iceland is unusual in Europe for its taste in American breakfast cereals; like Cheerios, Cocoa Puffs and Lucky Charms – all of which have different taste and ingredients in Europe to North America.

Jóhann Friðleifsson, the marketing chief at Nathan&Olsen hf., told DV that the company has worked with the manufacturer of Cocoa Puffs to change the recipe for the Icelandic market. The new packaging is in Icelandic and the product is now being made in Europe.

The new recipe is much lower in sugar, fat and salt and the company says it is reacting to the growing call from consumers for foods lower in salt and sugar.

Jóhann says that sales of the new Cocoa Puffs have been going well so far. “Understandably there are different views on all changes and we take those opinions seriously. Some are unhappy, but then others that have been in contact find it an improvement.”

The supermarket Kostur, which imports most of its goods from the USA, still has the old American Cocoa Puffs for sale and has even ordered more. Asked how Nathan&Olsen views the situation, Jóhann says that Cocoa Puffs which do not come from the domestic supplier in their new guise are in fact illegal, due to preservative chemicals outlawed in Icelandic breakfast cereal.

“Health authorities have previously taken action over this and ordered products be removed from shelves. It is important now, as ever, for equality to rule the market and for laws and rules to be respected for the benefit of consumers.”