Remains found at Norwegian plane crash site

Rescue workers have found bodily remains on the slopes of Sweden’s tallest mountain, near where a Norwegian military plane went missing on Friday with five people on board.

Swedish police believe that the aeroplane – a Hercules transporter – broke up on impact and that nobody survived the accident, reports.

Rescuers have been scouring the slopes of Kebnekaise for the crew. Both sides of the mountain are littered with many thousands of fragments of the plane.

It is thought the plane struck a cliff face just below the mountain’s summit and that the resultant explosion caused an avalanche. It was in the avalanche zone that the body parts were found.

The plane was en route from Evenes in Norway to Kiruna in Sweden when it disappeared from radar screens.

It is unclear what caused the accident. The weather in the area was bad, but it is not thought likely that weather was the sole cause.