Reykjavík mayor calls on critics to embrace new hospital plan

Mayor of Reykjavík, Jón Gnarr, says he is happy with the agreement signed yesterday for the construction of a new hospital.

The controversial project has been criticised for some as being expensive and unnecessary, while many others are happy about the new facility. Jón Gnarr said yesterday that people need to realise that the hospital is going to be built to benefit everyone.

The agreement was signed by Jón Gnarr, finance minister Oddný G. Harðardóttir, and welfare minister Guðbjartur Hannesson. The implementation of the agreement is conditional on the acceptance and implementation of the new urban plan for the area – as the hospital is not in harmony with the present legally binding plan.

The mayor told Ví that the biggest benefit of the new hospital will be that Icelanders get a high-tech and good new hospital in a good location.

Jón Gnarr believes that people who have been openly critical of the new hospital plan should now accept and embrace the project.

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