Serious fire in south Iceland

A large fire started yesterday in a factory; spreading and completely destroying the neighbouring bar and nightclub before being brought under control. The bar was the heart of Selfoss’s night-life and damage runs to hundreds of millions of krónur.

One of the owners of 800 Bar in Selfoss, south Iceland, told Ví that damage to the bar runs into hundreds of millions alone – without counting damage to the next-door plastic piping factory where the blaze began. ISK 100,000,000 is approximately equal to EUR 600,000. Árni Steinarsson said he owns the bar and building with his colleague Eiður Birgisson. Árni said that the building is only part of the cost. There are also things like the sound system, televisions and other equipment to consider.

Árni told the media that no decision has yet been made as to whether or not 800 Bar will rise again elsewhere in the town of Selfoss; while his colleague Eiður said that there is no question in his mind that the bar will rise again.

Árni said that 800 Bar is very well insured through Sjóvá; adding that he doesn’t know how well the neighbouring factory, SET, is insured.

It is suspected that an electronics failure caused the fire.