Famous Reykjavík pool getting makeover for summer

The Icelandic capital’s biggest and best-known geothermal pool complex looks a bit like an archaeological dig site right now — but there is a good explanation.

Guests visiting Laugardalslaug are understandably surprised to see the large outdoor complex in a mess at the moment. The old bridge over the water has been torn down and there are many more signs of unusual activity.

The famous pools is having a much-needed facelift. Among the changes are that hot water pipes have been placed underground all around the poolside to avoid winter icing, the edges have then been paved with rubber tiles for better grip and softness – and an array of new play apparatus has been installed for children.

The steam room has been refurbished and a new seawater hot pot will be installed. The old bridge will also be replaced with a better-looking successor, RÚV reported (Click link to see short video).

It is expected that work will be completed by the end of April — in time to become one of Reykjavík’s biggest summer attractions once again.