Reykjavík bus burns

A city bus in the Icelandic capital this morning caught fire and is terminally damaged. None of the passengers were injured, however.

“There weren’t many on the bus and everybody managed to get off safely,” says Reynir Jónsson, the director of Reykjavík city bus company, Strætó.

The fire took hold of the engine at the back of the bus at the road junction between Bíldshöfði and Breiðhöfði earlier this morning.

The vehicle is owned by Hagvanur, which is a contractor working on behalf of Strætó. That company is responsible and liable for all damage caused to its own vehicle; not publicly-owned Strætó, Reynir explained to Ví “We are just following procedure in relation to bus evacuation and security.”

The cause of the fire is not yet known, but Reynir says that usually in such situations a broken hose/pipe is to blame; allowing oil to leak onto the hot engine. “That is only my guess,” He said. “But that is usually the explanation — some sort of oil leak.”

Reynir said that a second bus was immediately sent to the scene to take the evacuated passengers; although most of them had already made their own way from the scene. The fire brigade is investigating the cause of the fire.

Click here to see a photograph of the burnt vehicle.