Personnel shortage in Icelandic computer companies

Icelandic software companies are struggling to find enough staff because there is a shortage of IT experts. Despite this, an industry insider claims there are still not enough people studying the subject.

The CEO of Meniga told Ví that it is a struggle to find qualified people to work in the coupany’s software development department, because there is great competition for employees within the industry. A spokesman for the company Advania said that the company is in the same situation and would happily add another ten computer experts to its team, if they were available.

The CEO of Datamarket echoed the same sentiments; adding that there are no unemployed software programmers in Iceland.

“There is a sore need for people in this field,” says Datamarket CEO Hjálmar Gíslason, adding: “There is no increase in application rates for computer studies”. Meanwhile the demand for people in the software sector is only increasing.

Hjálmar fears that a lot of people think the profession is only for computer geeks; but says it is in fact a good career choice for anyone with a bright, scientific mind.

Increased competition for good people is also driving up wages in the industry, Hjálmar says.

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